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Fruiting Lemon Potted Plant (Large- Topiary)

Fruiting Lemon Potted Plant (Large- Topiary)

They're juicy and zesty. They're everything you love about lemons.Pot stands at 1.8-1.9m in height.- Plant is potted and stabilised in 45cm diameter well draining plastic pot. 
  • Plant Care

    Light: Exposure to full sun or part shade is ideal.
    Water: Water when soil feels dry to the touch. Good drainage is essential and water infrequently.
    Fertiliser: Feed with organic pellets fertiliser once every month. 

    Overall: Additional work needed to bag the fruits. An easy plant to care for. 

  • Information to note

    Only mature plants, not seedlings. Raised in an Organic Garden, GMO-Free Plants.

    Actual pot delivered may differ from pictures posted.

    Customised fertiliser pack consists: 12 months supply of balanced and organic NPK diet for the plant to maintain overall plant health, flowering and fruiting (Individual packed).

  • Delivery Info

    Delivery is $12/trip and is only calculated upon checkout. 

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