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Sand Dollar Cactus or Astrophytum Asterias Cactus (Rare)

Sand Dollar Cactus or Astrophytum Asterias Cactus (Rare)

  • Small, round and spineless. Cacti height is 11 cm (excl. pot) and diameter is 10cm.
  • The cacti body is divided into 7 - 10 sections, known as ribs; in the middle of each rib there are woolly areoles.
  • Plant Care

    Light: Exposure to full sun or part shade is ideal.
    Water: Water once-twice a week.
    Fertiliser: Feed with liquid fertiliser once every month. 

    Overall: An easy plant to care for.

  • Information to note

    Only mature plants, not seedlings. Raised in an Organic Garden, GMO-Free Plants.

    Actual pot delivered may differ from pictures posted.

    Also kown as Sand Dollar Cactus, Sea Urchin Cactus, Star Cactus

  • Delivery Info

    Delivery is $12/trip and is only calculated upon checkout. 

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