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Sunrise Terracotta Succulent Kit

Sunrise Terracotta Succulent Kit

  • Succulents are good for table top/indoor. 
  • Mixture of Haworthia, Crassula, Graptoveria, Echeveria succulents etc. 
  • Plant Care

    Light: Indoor with some exposure to light is ideal.
    Water: Water one teaspoon twice a week.
    Fertiliser: Feed with liquid fertiliser once every month. (optional)

    Overall: A very easy plant to care for.

  • Information to note

    Actual pot(s) of succulents delivered may differ from pictures posted. Each pot is handpicked and is unique. 

    Kit includes

    1. Succulents x 4 in plastic pot (includes gritty mix)
    2. Back to basics 11cm x 6.5cm Terracotta clay pot with drainage hole
    3. Gritty mix (300g) 
    4. 3-piece tool kit
    5. 250ml beak water bottle
    6. Gift card, paper bag and gift ribbon
  • Delivery Info

    Delivery is $12/trip and is only calculated upon checkout. 

    Leave us a note if you want us to write a personalised message on a card for you! 

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